Computer graphics:

1. - biggest cg resource

2. vfx-world - vfx news

3. - monthly animation competition

Web development: - great gallery viewer Lightbox by Lokesh Dhakar - web developer bible


1. - Free textures

2. - Free huge sounds library

My Scripts:

1."Autopreview" Make automatic preview from selected cameras. Allows multiple
camera preview. Saves files into 3dsmax default preview folder. ---link---

2."Searcher" Search missed objects. ---link---

3."Timing panel" - Setting up timeline range due to timing in text object in scene.
Simple interface. ---link---

4."SepLayer" - Assign selected objects to separated layers

5."PH+Hierarchy" - Point helper(zero) for control objects with saving existing hierarchy

6."SliderRange" - Active camera range

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